Go far, go together.

The African proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” makes so much sense to me.

My Partners
I have been privileged and honored to partner with people who are creative and courageous, compassionate and big-hearted, with deep integrity and the ability to laugh and cry, sing and dance as methods to move us to shared freedom.

The truth is, no one of us can be free until everybody is free. "

Some of the people I most often partner with:

  • Johnny Manzon-Santos  – Who along with Adene Sacks, Thomas Both and me are core members of the WithIn Collaborative. Johnny is an incredibly talented and grounded facilitator, trainer and coach
  • Dewey Schott – We co-led so many cohorts of coaches-in-training. Dewey is compassion embodied! A coach, trainer and mentor with deep integrity and a big heart. If you are a coach and want to continue to work on your skills, check out his workshops He also partners with us at WithInCollaborative to co-lead the Coach Identity Training
  • Shiree Teng – We met through SFWAR, re-met through National Community Development Institute and RoadMap. Shiree is a fierce and talented facilitator, evaluator, no bullshit with big love person. Check out her brown papers
  • Adene Sacks and Thomas Both – who with me and Johnny, are the core members of the WithIn Collaborative
  • Michelle Molitor – see The Equity Lab, below. Michelle is a visionary, an inspiration and an amazing facilitator, trainer and coach

And, these are mis Chingonxs, Ride or Die: Alicia Lara, Antionette Tellez-Humble, Bethsaida Ruiz, Carmen Aceves-Iñiguez, Dewey Schott, Johnny Manzon-Santos, Lori Dorfman, Michael Waters, Shiree Teng, Vini Bhansali. Con safos. 

Illustrations by belma