my current work.

I co-create partnerships with people to support their leadership. 

By leadership I mean leading your life, or leading a program or your organization, or being a leader in your family and community. I use coaching tools and I believe my coach partners have inner wisdom, lived experience and ancestral/cultural knowing – alongside skills and training. And, we all can benefit from having someone serve as a sounding board, offer a different lens, ask new questions, believe in us when we are having a hard time believing in ourselves, and set up ways to ensure accountability. 

I coach with partnerships: co-directors and leadership teams. Two-to-four people. We co-design the engagement, explore values and assumptions and what’s needed to be in alignment. We explore what it means to show up fully as individuals and in partnership – minds, hearts, spirits, bodies – as leaders for their organization and for themselves.,

I also facilitate trainings and retreats, often with colleagues, co-creating transformational experiences that include learning coaching practices for leadership development, relational/emotional intelligence enhancement, team building and methods for increasing effective communication, feedback and conflict navigation.

I’m a co-founder and Core Team Member of WithIn Collaborative. We work with and in communities – and within ourselves – to deconstruct and re-imagine unjust systems that were created for the privileged few. Social change requires systems change and we believe liberation is possible, leadership is a team effort, self-awareness is foundational and our work can be joyful.

Johnny Manzon-Santos and I designed an offering we call The Coach Identity Training for people interested in gaining coaching tools to support their leadership. HERE’S INFO about trainings scheduled in 2024.

The constants in all my work are:

  • Using the power of coaching for individual growth, awareness and healthy relationships with oneself, others and the planet.
  • Addressing the impact of racism and other systemic oppressions.
  • Centering the history and experience of Black, Indigenous and other marginalized communities to be aware of how racism and heteropatriarchy are embedded in our systems and institutions. Then we can work to deconstruct the systems and co-create just and liberated communities.
  • Valuing transformation over transaction.
  • Acknowledging liberation requires acknowledging our humanity: the wisdom of our incredible minds and also the wisdom of our bodies, spirits, emotions, ancestry – ALL of who and how we are.
  • Measuring our value not by how much we get done, but by how much we love and are loved and how much we honor our core values.  
  • Recognizing play and joy are essential, as is self-compassion and grieving. That vulnerability is courageous and honoring our humanity is a practice in accepting imperfection.
  • Accessing the 8 C’s of Internal Family Systems methodology as guideposts for our aligned Selves:  creativity, compassion, clarity, calm, connection, courage, confidence, curiosity. 
  • Holding the framework of I/We/It: (I) knowing our history, personal story and motivations impacts how we show up…and allows for collaborative relationships so together, (We) with awareness of systems that need to be dismantled, can co-create practices of justice, equity, love and liberation (It)

partnering with me.

If you’re curious about partnering with me through 1:1 coaching, partner coaching or some kind of training/facilitating please contact me.

Self Portrait - Belma Gonzalez